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The Kabbalah Centre Volunteer program has grown through the years and become a success in great part due to your valuable contributions. Please take a moment to share your experiences, comments, and suggestions below. As we continue to grow and reach students around the world, we truly rely on your continued input. Thank you for taking your time to share!
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5 Responses to Personal Stories

  1. Rachel Feldman says:

    Volunteering for Team Kabbalah is a must for me. Knowing the excitement of helping with the Holiday so everyone can experience the Light is amazing! The rewards are endless; meeting new people, bonding with friends, and being a part of the Big Picture. I have never experienced such a high from volunteering for anything. It just starts the year off on the right path.

  2. Joseph Feldman says:

    I believe that volunteering at the Holidays is one of the best ways to earn all the blessings that I have seen in my life; and Team Kabbalah gives me a place where I can feel that my time really made a difference. Taking responsibility to be there for and to help others, sets you up for even greater things in the year to come.

  3. Moshe Oliveira says:

    Being part of this great family – the Kabbalah Centre – and not volunteering is like not being there 100%. When you dedicate your time and effort and put your love into something that will most certainly be a great channel for the Light of the Creator, it’s more than rewarding – it’s the tiniest of things one can do to try and show the appreciation to the spread of Kabbalah by Rav Berg and Karen Berg.

    Being part of the Subtitling team allows you to be a better channel for Light not just for the Centre, but for the world. The power to change everything may be in your taking part in one of the Volunteering Teams at the Centre. Most definitely, I get the chance to get out of myself and take part in something that the world will appreciate. One soul with Karen and Rav Berg, our teachers and friends from the centre and the whole world!

  4. Michelle Singer says:

    I am the mother of a wonderful 11 year old girl named Rileigh (nice Jewish name ;) . Her Hebrew name is Tzahala after my maternal grandmother. When she was approx. 2 she developed a rare form of skin cancer that was curative through surgery…although in my view and belief system Hashem only knows the truth on such a matter. She is totally healthy and just began the 6th grade at a local elementary school here in Portland, Oregon.
    I have a long history having grown up a Jewish girl in this city. I went through a very rebellious time at a young age…my first boyfriend is a black man who was incarcerated for 14 years for murder…drug related. He contacted me a few years ago. I have seen street life, religious life and my journey like anyone elses is a story.
    I have a 4 year degree with a B.A. in Psychology and am at the time unemployed and looking for work. I was doing childcare for my sister for several years until her and her family moved to Israel.
    I have been divorced almost a year from a ‘nice Jewish boy’ who has a huge gambling addiction. A few years ago I was hospitalized for having a breakdown due to situational stress. I’ve had such visions and dreams since then that seem to come to light on many occasion. The only one that didn’t was being punked by Ashton Kutcher.
    I want the Zohar project to come to Portland. I have connections on all corners of this city and would love to help.

    Lol…Shana Tova
    Michelle Sherman-Michelle Singer (haven’t changed my last name yet)

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