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Thank you for visiting our page and taking the first steps to joining Team Kabbalah and it’s extraordinary volunteers from around the world! Being a Team Kabbalah member is about truly living the wisdom of Kabbalah, being a part of something bigger than all of us, and revealing Light in the world and our lives.

Below you will find international as well as local volunteer opportunities, detailed information on each, and a link for you to apply to the position(s) of your choice.

For more information, or if you have a specific question, please feel free to contact Gabi Morales at

Local Opportunities Subtitle Team Zohar Project


Whether you are in a Centre or Study Group, there are always fun and exciting roles to take on. You can be part of organizing local events, spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah to new people, mentor new students, and much more! Read More


When you are a part of the Subtitling Team, you are making it possible for students all over the world to learn Kabbalah in their language. There are two components to these team: translators and transcribers. If you are fluent in another language and are up for the challenge, let us know! All of this could not happen without the English transcriptions, which is the first step of the process. So, you do not have to speak another language to be an important part of this team. We are also looking for people who have a strong command of English to transcribe.  Read More


For centuries, kabbalists have taught that the end of pain, suffering and death will come to our world only when the Light and wisdom of the Zohar is actively revealed to a critical mass of people. To achieve this, the Zohar Project is dedicated to bringing the world to a greater awareness and understanding of the Zohar. Find out how you can be part of this world-changing team. Sign up to volunteer!

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